Electrolysis Hair Removal

If you are looking for a once and for all solution to permanently remove unwanted facial and body hair, look no further than electrolysis hair removal in Dubai. This technique is safe to be used on all body parts and works on all hair types and all skin types. It is the only FDA approved method for permanent hair removal.
At Avoria Aesthetic Clinic, Electrolysis hair removal is provided for those who are looking for permanent hair removal methods. You will no longer need to worry about temporary hair removal options such as waxing, shaving or threading unwanted hair. Our experts will help you take on the journey of permanent hair removal with ease and comfort using the latest machines and under the care of skilled experts.

How does Electrolysis Hair Removal work?

The procedure of electrolysis hair removal includes the insertion of a small probe directly into the hair follicle followed by passing of an electric current that will block the blood supply to the hair root. The hair follicle will not be able nourish itself and this process will disrupt the hair from growing back again – hence the permanent hair removal results.

How much time does it take to get permanent results from Electrolysis Hair Removal?

The amount of treatments required to get permanent hair removal results from electrolysis is highly dependent on the amount of hair that you have. Since the method requires targeting and removing hairs one by one, it means that the more hair you have the more time is needed to target all the hairs. Also, in order for the hair to be removed permanently, it will have to be targeted more than once as the hair grows in different stages and electrolysis hair removal is most effective during the active growth phase (anagen phase). Therefore, consecutive treatments are necessary to obtain permanent hair removal results.

Is Electrolysis hair removal painful?

Slight discomfort could be felt during electrolysis hair removal, the discomfort level is different from one person to another. The discomfort is best described as tingling or prickling sensation. At Avoria Aesthetic Clinic, we use the latest machines and the most advanced methods combined with skilled specialists to ensure that your electrolysis hair removal journey is as comfortable as possible.

Why choose Avoria Aesthetic Clinic for electrolysis hair removal in Dubai?

Choosing a reliable clinic for electrolysis hair removal in Dubai is an important factor to consider if you are looking for permanent hair removal methods. Our team of experts is highly skilled and have years of experience performing electrolysis hair removal. This combined with the latest machines available will guarantee a successful electrolysis hair removal journey. Contact us to book an appointment and receive a complimentary consultation for electrolysis hair removal in Dubai.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long is an electrolysis hair removal session?

Appointment time depends on how much unwanted hair you have to remove. We assess the area during consultation and estimate how much time you need to book.  

How much does electrolysis hair removal cost?

Electrolysis hair removal works by removing hairs 1 by 1 rather than by area. This means pricing depends on how much unwanted hair you have.Our pricing is offered by time and not by area.  

How many electrolysis hair removal sessions do I need?

You will have to come for consecutive sessions for around 12-18 months, however you will see less and less hair after each treatment.  

Do I need to do maintenance sessions?

Once your treatments are completed, you’re done forever! That’s right, no tops up needed.  

Is electrolysis hair removal painful?

There is usually some discomfort during the actual treatment, but most people find it very tolerable. If needed, a topical anesthetic can be applied prior to the procedure.

How is it electrolysis hair removal permanent?

A probe is inserted along the hair’s route and in to the follicle. Electric current is applied that creates heat and chemical reactions to destroy the follicles capacity to produce another hair.

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